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Is Your Money Your Friend or Your Enemy?

The idea of having a relationship with money may sound strange at first, until you really think about it. It gets even stranger when you consider that your money could be your friend or your enemy. A friend is present, supportive, and dependable. An enemy is antagonistic, combative, and destructive.

What role does money play in your life?

Here is one thing you need to know about money. Money is neutral. Money is like water – it takes the shape of the container in which it is poured. Your life is the container. The shape of your money is determined by the shape of your life. Money follows the character of its owner.

Money will be supportive to you if you are supportive to yourself. Money will help destroy you if you are destructive to yourself. Money takes on your own energy.

Money will educate you and your family if education is your priority. Money will entertain you and give you lots of fun if fun and entertainment is your focus. Your money will build your wealth if building wealth is your priority.

Your money will drive you to poverty if poverty is your focus. That may sound ridiculous but indeed, money slips through the hands of those who have no systems to contain it, like abundant rain that runs into the ground for those who would not contain it.

Your money will enhance and support your generosity if you are a generous heart. Your money will be vengeful and malicious if that’s who you are. Money will be abusive in the hands of an abuser, and will be loving and supportive in the hands of a loving and supportive person.

Your money is an extension of you. When you are extending a helping hand, your money is often in that hand, ready to help. When you fold your arms and choose not to be involved, your money also holds back its help.

Good money is attracted to good energy, and bad energy attracts bad money. Good and abundant money will follow a great service offered with abundant love. Money understands reciprocity. The more of yourself you give, the more it will follow you, if you ask for it. Don’t be shy to ask for money for the good you do. Money is afraid of those who are afraid of it and loves those who love it.

Money will come grudgingly to one who offers their services grudgingly. Crooks only attract crooked money. And it will connive and stab them in the back just as they connived and stabbed others in the back to get it.

When you set up a goal, and talk to your money to help you reach that goal, it will. Your money needs your leadership. It needs direction. Indeed money follows the character of its owner.

You are your money and your money is you. The question is: who are you?

Your money: is it your friend or your enemy?

[Extract from the upcoming book: My Money My Power, by R. Nelson Letshwene. Watch amazon kindle space]


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This entry was posted on May 24, 2017 by in Essay, psychology of money.

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