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Strategic Personal Resolutions

I know so many of us have stopped believing in New Year resolutions, but I think that is sad. Each new year gives you an opportunity to recreate yourself using the new energies of the new cycle. So in this article I will just give you my thoughts about what I think you can do to recapture that spirit that could catapult you at the end of this year to new heights.
There is a beautiful story in the Bible about a man who went out to sow some seed at the beginning of the new ploughing season. Even though seventy-five percent of his seeds were lost (some to birds, some to rocks, and some chocked by thorns), twenty-five percent (25%) of his seed produced a harvest that multiplied thirty times, sixty times, and a hundred times what was sown. You can find this story in Mark chapter 4 of the Bible.
Based on this story I’m going to ask you to do just two things:
1.  Write down a commitment list
2.  Write down a hope/faith list
The Commitment List is a list of things that depend on you to do. Unless you do these things, no one will do them for you. This farmer had to go out and plant these seeds. No one could do this for him.
The hope and Faith list are things you are hoping will happen to you, either as a direct result of your commitment list, or even beyond your effort.
I bet you that at the end of the season, at harvest time, this farmer was not worried about the seventy-five percent of his seeds that did not produce a harvest. I bet you he was happy to see that some of his seeds that fell on good soil multiplied thirty times, some multiplied sixty times, and some multiplied a hundred times what was sown. I am certain he was rejoicing and was energised to look for more of that good soil so that he can focus more and become a better farmer.
In the next ploughing season, he would either remove the rocks and thorns or avoid such places altogether. He would probably build better scarecrows so that birds don’t eat his seeds. I don’t see him avoiding to plant just because he lost some.
Now, by writing your commitment list, you will be committing yourself to your new ploughing season, armed with better lessons learned from the previous ploughing season, and ready to capitalise on the successes of your past.
Most people focus too much on the hope/faith list but too little on the commitment list. For example, losing weight is the end result, it is on the hope/faith list, but walking 5km, 10km, or 15km per month is on the commitment list.
As an entrepreneur, having a turnover of say one million bucks is on the hope/faith list, but committing to marketing strategies and sales is on the commitment list.
Your commitment list could be something you are going to commit to either once a month, once a week, or even once a quarter. Whatever you commit to do, you don’t need to overwhelm yourself, but you need to commit systematically so that your commitment don’t disrupt your life too much. Do a thing that is already in line with what you love.
If you are a writer, commit to writing just one more hour per week. If you are a designer, commit to perhaps one more design per month.
Whatever you do, go out and plant more seed, and hope and have faith that your effort will be multiplied thirty times, sixty times, or a hundred times what you did.
Happy New Year 2016!


One comment on “Strategic Personal Resolutions

  1. misthato
    January 8, 2016

    Thank you!!! I NEEDED this..Happy 2016!


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