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In the beginning was a dream. And the dream stayed with the dreamer. And the dream became an obsession. And once it’s an obsession, it possesses the dreamer to the point where he has to do something about the dream. Wherever he goes he starts to see elements of the dream. When he opens his mouth, he hears himself talk about the dream. When others speak, he picks up elements of the dream in their words. The dream has now possessed the dreamer. There is only one way out. The dreamer has to live the dream.

The dreamer must now sit down and draw the plan for the dream. There is not a single dream that can become a reality without action on the part of the dreamer. Just as the architect must draw the plans of the house he’s dreaming about and give them to the builder, so must the dreamer find a way to put the dream on paper. Even the builder will elicit help from many professionals before the architect’s house can become a reality.

Dreaming may be easy, but implementation requires collaboration. A musician cannot release an album without the help of other musicians, studios, produces, and marketers. An author will not reach the bestseller status without the help of other professionals like editors, designers, printers, and booksellers. No man is an island.

It seems, therefore, that the first lesson in business is collaboration. Business is a process of building dreams. When you go into business, the one thing you are required to bring is your dream. Then the next level is putting your team together. This is the team that is required to build your dream. Are you up to it? DREAM NOW.


3 comments on “THE DREAM

  1. Thabo Masedi
    January 26, 2014

    Blessed day.

    Thank you so much for this about the Dream. One thing that I have realized about the DREAM is the how part of it. How are you going to make it happen? The methodology. The steps needed to achieve it. The processes. The second one is the time it will take when using which method. I believe that we need to write down the method with each step as a guide or road map for achieving the dream.

    Keep enlightening us. Masedi


  2. PMNjua
    March 5, 2014

    In deed its all about the dream. The starting point. The beginning. The dream. The world is moved by the dreamers.

    Thank you for this piece my friend


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