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Where ever you go, there you will be

Long time ago in a land far, far away, or so legend has it, a woman left her village in search of a new village to relocate to. When she finally got to some new village that she thought she would like, she decided to go and ask the wisest elder of the village what kind of people lived there.
The wise village elder said to her: ‘before I tell you the kind of people who live in this village, tell me the kind of people who lived in the village you came from’.
The woman said: ‘you wouldn’t believe how terrible those people are. They gossip, they steal, they are untrustworthy, and they are always trying to pull you down. It is impossible to make progress in that village, that is why I decided it is time to move’.
The wise man looked at the woman sadly and said, ‘I’m afraid that this village has exactly the same kind of people. There is no difference between where you came from and here. I suggest you just settle back at your village, at least it will save you the cost of moving, but of course you can move here if you want. Welcome home.’
Disappointed, the woman stormed out and left.
Immediately after she left, another woman, so legend continues, who was also looking to relocate to the village came to ask the wise man of the village a similar question.
In like manner the wise man asked the woman to describe the kind of people from whence she came.
The second woman said: ‘They are the kindest people in the universe. The village I came from is filled with opportunities. People are serving, supportive, and loving each other. I would actually be sad to leave my village unless I can find a similar village’.
The wise man smiled and said to the woman, this village will be an excellent home for you. There is no difference between where you came from and here. Our people are kind, loving, and supportive. If you choose to stay, you will feel just at home. Welcome home.’

You say, wait a minute. Is the wise man lying to somebody. He said the troubled woman would find nothing but trouble in this village, and he said to the second woman that she would find nothing but love in this village. Which is it, you ask?

And the moral of the story is, wherever you go, there you will be. Your worldview exists within you. There is nothing wrong with the world, or there is everything wrong with the world, your world that is. You can never fix the world outside of you, but you can fix the one within you. You cannot control other people, but you can control yourself. You cannot tell other people how to live their lives, but you can decide how to live your own.
So the one who believes in troublesome people always experiences trouble, while the one who believes in the goodness of people tends to experience more of that.
What you focus on, you bring about. If you focus on judging bad people and how they live, and trying to tell them how they should live, it will only frustrate you because you still can’t live their lives. If you find good example and follow them, perhaps someone else is watching you, and they may follow you …


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This entry was posted on September 15, 2013 by in Personal development.

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