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I heard somewhere someone say everyone in the world is mad. The difference is in our degree of madness. If more of us have similar traits of madness, we classify ourselves as normal, and those with a degree of madness unlike ours, we call them mad!
Almost all people hear voices. In fact, our thoughts are in voices, it is just the volume that is adjusted. I need you to pay attention to your voices, your silent voices.
You get a brilliant idea. What you do with it depends on what your voices are saying. If you have this little voice that keeps telling you that this won’t work, chances are you will dump the idea. But how come someone else is succeeding in a field in which you don’t believe success is possible?
We have to examine the internal balance sheet. Are your internal liabilities exceeding your internal assets? Those who succeed are those with an internal voice that encourages them all the time. It never criticises them, but it always encourages. It’s the voice that says: You can do it! Never give up. Keep working on the good that you know. Go for it! You did it – Hurray! Good for you! You are awesome! Give it another try! Do you have a voice like that internally?
If your internal liabilities exceed your internal assets, then you probably have a voice that says: Who do you think you are? You can’t do that! What an idiot! You don’t have enough education to attempt that! Where have you ever seen that? You’ll probably fail anyway! You’re so clumsy! Don’t even try.
Listen to yourself. Which voice is the loudest? Is it the voice of encouragement or the voice of discouragement? Is it a voice that highlights your weaknesses or a voice that lifts your strengths and seeks to make you stronger?
If your ideas can never get off the ground because of your negative voice, you’ll never make the money you wish to make. Notice your internal dialogue. Stop criticising yourself. Learn to praise yourself.
Remember you are not trying to convince anybody but yourself. Look at your internal, invisible balance sheet, because even though it may be invisible to others, you can see it, and only you can change it.


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