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Not about food | Which Chip Made Me Fat?

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Which Chip Made Me Fat?

People often wake up one day and say, how did things get so bad? Where was I when this life was going on? It is like asking, which chip made me fat, as if there was just one chip that tipped the scales and you went from being mean and lean to overweight.

The questions we ask are: how did I get into so much debt?

How did my relationship end up like this?

When did my children get out of control?

When did I lose this job?

Life is a progression. You need to be aware at all times what you are creating.

You did not lose that job overnight, but perhaps you’ve been losing it over the past six months. What has your attitude been about your job?

You did not get fat overnight, how long has it been happening?

It did not take one day for the relationship to get the way that it is … how long has it been?

What do you do when you realise you are where you are?

You don’t overreact. A radical diet may make you sick! Take it easy. Think! Observe, and plan!

Oh yes, even relationships can be planned. What kind do you want next time? What is your role in it? Are you a builder or a destroyer?

In life, most things don’t happen overnight, especially character traits …


One comment on “Not about food | Which Chip Made Me Fat?

  1. Nelson Letshwene
    May 10, 2017

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