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When We Were Wealthy

English: Cartoon shows poor child carrying a h...

English: Cartoon shows poor child carrying a heavy load followed by wealthy industrialists with mills in the background. Annotation: “And a little child shall lead him — new assn.(?)”. Photograph from the records of the National Child Labor Committee (U.S.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Palma il Giovane - St Lawrence Giving the Weal...

Palma il Giovane – St Lawrence Giving the Wealth to the Poor – WGA16902 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Was there ever a time when we were all wealthy?

What was the definition of wealth then?

Did indigenous tribes who lived in nature have a definition of wealth? The Basarwa of Southern Africa followed seasons and herds just as the Native Americans followed their buffalo herds. But of course we can’t forget the fierce territorial battles that were fought to defend this wealth! So then, what was ‘wealth’ in their minds, and what is it today?

When the corporatocracy took over our lives, what else disappeared?

Why do the poor remain poor? Is it poverty of resources or poverty of the mind or the thought process that goes into our relationship with the idea of wealth?

When we were wealthy in our minds, we knew something we seem to have forgotten today.

When we were wealthy, we knew not to consume the entire harvest. We were wise enough to keep seeds for the next season.  But of course the corporatocracy has replaced regrowable seeds with gmo sterile seeds … we are enslaved to them …

When we were wealthy we knew not to consume the entire herd or flock, but to tend the young and keep the herds flourishing.  We understood seasons. We could read the times, the clouds, the winds, the droughts, the plenty, and we could even predict the future …

When we became poor of mind, we disconnected from our knowingness of natural wealth systems. We isolated money from wealth and we consumed the entire harvest at the end of each harvest season; the harvest called a “salary” left no seeds… We made no provision for the future…

When we were wealthy we knew how to invest in our future. We protected our seeds by soiling them with ash to prevent pests from consuming them, and ourselves in times of need from consuming them. We preserved our meat by salting it, drying it,  and storing it for the future.

The future … the future …. it seems it was always in our minds!

When we are poor of mind, we consume our harvest without any though for tomorrow. We have invented new sayings like … we live once! Well … do we?

When we were wealthy of mind we understood the value of educating our offspring. We let our elders teach wisdom to the young. We taught natural phenomena to our descendants, with a keen knowing that through them we live on. Like the san people of the Kalahari whose elders schooled their children around the fire about the behaviours of all animals around them, as well as where to find food and water in the desert.

When we became poor of mind we relegated education to systems. We put our kids in front of television sets and allowed “others” to influence our kids. We got busy with a dying process called living it up. Did the corporatocracy take advantage of that opportunity or did they create it?

When we were wealthy we preserved our culture through meaningful song and dance.  When we became poor we let commerce dictate our entertainments. We put aside the harp and the lyre that produced music for the soul in exchange for meaningless upbeat sounds for the body.

When we were wealthy we knew the value of everything. When we became poor of mind we knew the price of everything but the value of nothing. We confused the price with value, and we lost ourselves in the process.

When we were wealthy we knew how to share with each other. When we became poor we became traders, and forgot about sharing. If one of us has nothing to trade, they will not get anything shared with them.

When we were wealthy we never felt insecure. We always felt safe. We did not need protection from each other but we created safety as a collective. When we became poor of mind we became each other’s enemies and created rivalries and competitions among ourselves.

When we were wealthy, no job was ever too big for each of us, because we worked as a team. When we became poor we became parasites and some of us stopped contributing and yet wanting to benefit.

When will we claim our wealth back and give up our poverty?


2 comments on “When We Were Wealthy

  1. tm vungama
    January 13, 2013

    Rich information with lots of wisdom. tmv


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